The region named “Castelli Romani” is an area near Rome (from 15 to 45 km of distance) that is full of traditions, history, beautiful landscapes both natural and urban, and some typical gastronomy and wine productions. Here you can find a country you don’t expect, and have experiences you don’t expect.
Some good reasons to come here
1-It is rich in history, from the ancient past of the pre-roman period till today – there are some really interesting archeological sites
2- It is rich in beautiful boroughs, in the Middle Age each village was a castle, that’s why the name of the area is Roman Castles.
3- from the XVI sec on, this region was a vacation place for nobles, Cardinals and Popes, so why can’t it be your vacation place?
4-It is rich in traditions and life, come here and experience the true Italian way of life (see the feast calendar below)
5- If you love nature… welcome to the Regional Park of Roman Castles, two lakes and woods with mediterranean flora areas waiting for you.
6- It is rich in art, there are villas of the renaissance period, museums, churches built by important architects such as Bernini and decored by the major artists of the past
7- gastronomy is a millenary tradition: we make the famous “porchetta of Ariccia”, and you can smell the flavour of the home made bread throug the city center, where wood ovens make traditional bread every day. The flavour of little wood strawberries fills the air in Nemi, and each village has restaurant and trattorie with home made food that waits to be tasted.
8 – Winery is a millenary tradition, pre Roman populations cultivated grapewine and made wine. Our territory has various D.O.C wines (DOP for European law) made by wine cellars that you can visit and in which you can experience some very good wine tastings.
9- In our territory you will always be welcome, we consider each guest like a family person!
10- We wait for you, we only want to made your stay really special!


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